Read the signs..

When god doesnt want you to go to the office.. he tells you. Here….. dont fucking get out of your bloody bed.

1. Its freaking raining.
No, I am an honest and earnest and sincere bitch who will go to office no matter what.

Here mofo..take the next blow.
2. Traffic Jam
So what, better late then never. quiet not…but sort of. I will reach the office…sometime today.

Bloddy rascal…you shall walk on the bog before you reach the office.
3.Puddle in front
Aint no mountain..high enough. Aint no valley low enough…. la la la.

Fuck you here…face the hunger now.
4. Reaching late==>breakfast is over. Since there is no sandwiches/juices either.
Alright..alright… I have been foolish, am sure I can remain hungry for a while.

5. Elevators are not working

6. Lab network is down
Oh..son of a..!!!!!


I have mooe’d

Catch me on the other *site*.. To err is Binary. what? it is!! or this could be a great opportunity to let of go of .. I dont know..severely beating your head against the wall!!
Down with this silly url…

All in a day..

The bad day
Waking up on the wrong side of bed may not apply here. I dont have an other side of the bed.. when it is pushed up against the wall!! Yet I manage to do so ..ofcourse metaphorically.
Some days like the on I had today are scathed by the sheer inactivity, half owing to the weary eyed self and half owing to the 2 hours worth of mind numbingly stupid questions put up by the “powerpuff gals” (which wanted me to cry and laugh at the same time). No airconditioning, no display for one whole hour… just playing victim to their fly trap seminar parades which doesnt even carry enough importance to gather an audience around. STUPID….

The Dream
Tired, and letting the heat wave take the best out of me (goodness of my heart,my humility.. et. al :D), I reached home
smeared in dirt. Headed for a siesta only to be interrupted by the strange phantasmagorical which I cannot assign to the events happening in the real life. I have absolutely no idea where did it come from.
I had visions of anthony hopkins who was dressed in white , and he was on bent on his knees, explaining better ways to fart and deliver babies. (I absolutely have no idea.. what its about). He is certainly scheming to take over the world as I sensed it. I witnessed abduction of a very pregnant kate winslet by the “hassasin” ,from within our college campus (what was she doing there to begin with) . As I and AP (I have no idea why was he there) went to report this in the “bawana thana” (am just quoting what their board said), we see a not so pregnant kate winslet interrupting us to say that she was there..and not abducted at all.
And then I woke up. I dont know if I have been watching too much lost.. may my mysterious adventures be benign.. and may not amount to clinical madness.

The salesman
We are not frequented by salesmen, specially not the ones who are selling alternative to Microsoft powerpoint!!
But their claims from being an MBA student always makes my parents lend them a patient hearing. Sometimes a demo too.
When I was young, I was made to pick up from the something from their collection of encyclopedias (hence the addiction to wikipedia.. a never dying thirst to bear useless chunks of information.. that too not sufficient enough to win quizzes and stuff). This doorbell played an important role of saving my the utterly engrossing mystery of pregnant kate winslet!


The birthday that was..

This birthday kicked each previous birthday’s ass. Dont have many reasons.. but for one.. I had no birthday party and cake. Now you might think how sad it was, but if you slightly know me.. you would know how much I hate cliches. I hate every cliche so much that I never say that to anybody.. because its cliched! I hate cliches so much.. that I once wanted to be the last person to be wishing some body on their birthday. (We dont talk much now :D).
So.. no cakes, no embarassing out loud singing of hideous birthday song, no candles… heaven!
Loads of HCF.. with some chinese. How did the day go?? Well.. cooler, comfy clothes (you see.. I hardly dress up for anything..), dexter season 1.. with unlimited supply of cola and ice!! My favorite dishes for breakfast and lunch.and a quiet sunday afternoon…. ! hmm…


Now I always get the reaction.. “‘s lab”?? No. I say. Its a show about a serial killer who happens to be a forensic blood spatter analyst. Strange? yes. I was left confused by the strange nonchalance of it, as protagonist sits with a grin in front of dismembered body with the severed head kept has cherry on the naked abdomen. Creepy.
But as the show progressed, despite of hardly (or hardly wanting to) relate to it, it gets entertaining.
Certainly enjoyed it.

The Romantics

This book I have arranged, is probably the best example of effortless writing. It speaks of life I have always wanted. A fresh start, a new city and river flowing through it, golden sunset, misty mornings. I wonder will life be as idyllic as I want it to be.

Encounters of the third kind.. its still part 1.

Just got over watching some Bollywood classics.. “Sautan ke saat din”, “Teri Patni” and “Mawali -the play boy” I decided to get back to the encounter posts that are plodding their way to popularity 😀 (of course..)

I know the title thing is not funny any more.. (or was it funny to begin with?). But how would I differentiate those thousands of bloggers who with an air of smugness about it..are writing (in)sanity into their pages…

To Reminisce.. is a funny thing. And to make it public is even funnier.
But I would take the risk of exposing several layers of my thought process.. and help you jump to conclusions about such hideousness that my twisted mind is.. a trail you were set on the day you met me.

so..where were we?

Rise and Fall of iDCE
Do you remember once .. when I kept writing for this thing called iDCE. And when I wrote about condoms and singlehandedly got us thrown from the college’s domain. (I am thinking of putting it up again.. as a part of vintage posts)
Well.. iDCE was a marvellous idea to begin with, engaging and entertaining as it was, I think it was marred by inaction on our part. But the titanic is too far from coming afloat again.. (or will it.. someday in the middle of the night!) no blame games!
Actually there were three editions..
one that got us started
one that got us thrown out.
and our ultimate issue on our own domain…
So then we got some hits, it was a good week. I enjoyed for whatever period we could keep it alive.. and before we knew…we were sort of falling apart. We even tried to revive it with the domain of ours.. (Those poorly spent 1600 hundred bucks) 8 people’s share it was.
While our 1600 bucks never got compensated for by the college .. some poor bastards got their crappy magazine printed on glossy paper .. last nail in the coffin!
Now I spend my times.. pointing out all the errors they make in those silly issues made available in print (Something we never got even slightly close to)
but its all cool. I had fun.. infact I had the most fun writing that condom article.. am all in for free speech suckers 😀

note: “we” from here on refers to (Me, Aastha, Abhishek,Swati,AP,Rashmi,Sunil,Siddhant)
Roadies Roadies
I invent the weirdest of the games. And yes this would be credited to me 😀
What started off as “pointer to me” where the players would have to point to some other player(yes.. raise an arm and point a finger at somebody). And the one who is not a part of cycle or one who has the most pointers to him/her would be eliminated. I never won. Sort of a punishment for inventing this bizarre thing.
As conspicuous as it would get, some people in class took us for raving mads. Sometimes it looked like a very bad courtroom drama.We had to adapt the game to the environment of Anshu madam’s labs, full of inactivity.
So we started to vote people on little white paper chits.. Roadies style.
Once you are voted off, you are expected to dip your chair further below the remaining contestants (Bless those chair with jacks and stuff). And there would be strange twists brought in.. all sort of wild card gimmick.
We are one strange bunch load of people who hang out!!

Another game I invented.. but never took off was right before our compiler lab viva. It was called the bit shifting game.. where you stand in a circle and physically perform the circular shifts :D. It was not that fun.. but full of thought.. learning and you gained real insight from it 😛
I remember Rajender saying “Kya kar rahe hain ye..” when he saw us attempting to play that game 😀 (PS Rajender.. we owe you a post..)
Once we played dumb charades in the microprocessor labs with Anshu Madam. Some serious fun is what I am talking about :D. short.. if you are yet to come in contact with us.. please think twice. If you already have.. we mourn for your loss :D. We are..after all an acquired taste.

Encounters of the second kind – part 1

Well.. for who have not followed this poorly written, tasteless spate of my sketchy recollections.. I have only two things to say..
1. “Not any more “.
2. My firs post was titled.. “Encounter of the first kind – part1”

So..kindly note… I decided to keep the part -1 in the title, because doing otherwise would have been … normal! Also note..that I am shameless enough to point that you may take notice…and….well you know.. .

Picking things exactly from where I left off..

of hitting fists and broken wrists
still in second semester..
3rd quarter of the class, assigned to the electrical measurements lab , first floor.. with a guest faculty (whom I know went on to set the entrance paper for IP that year). Working with wires…something I hated since school. I remember standing next to Khurana and Rajender while doing the experiments… nothin more I can say..about it..can I.
I remember a day, when I helped Kanika out in one of her experiments when her whole group had disappeared from the lab. That was one of my first encounters with her as such. Less did I know that next week she would be playing “who has stronger fist” with me. Boy…she hits hard!
There was nothing much exciting about the PEE lab..

Mech Science labs were fun. With those chairs with hydrolic jacks fitted in them, we couldnt resist a collective swivel whenever the teacher looked away. It was there.. when I had my first interactions with Kriti. Talking about music…I began to sing Zombie and that is how we did not become the best of friends (of course there is more to that) 😀
I remember saying a crude version of “You like it when people poke fun at you” in front of what…10 people. And that is how I got her all worked up.
“Think before you speak” said Kanika.
I didnt even know that it hurt that bad, kartik told me about her lid..blown off. am I in trouble?
but then… when you are not the closest of friends… you really should not take liberties. So..a lesson in public behaviour coming my way..
about a whole semester of not saying hi’s and a whole semester of avoiding glances… when we finally got
past that awkward..”You-must-be-sorry” regime.. my car broke her hand.
A flat tyre, a borrowed jack, an old car..and a kriti jumping on the wrench.. => broken wrist
Now that is a clear sign. A little divinity and a little stupidity can screw things over.

Paper that wasnt
There came the third semester, and we all got to meet NSR. Our first tryst with the Information and technology department.. then HOD of which had locked his room never to return. Nothing much happening in thir semester apart from us “breaking up” with Khurana ..after the slapgate scandle. (I have been told not to write about… 😦 )
Anyway.. I also remember Sunil’s insatiable thirst for analog electronics. Just before the vivas… he kept drawing all sorts of crazy circuits with a condensor here and there.. throwing me and Siddhant into absolute state of perplexity! Almost brought to tears..when he screwed his AE paper bad :D. Not that I worked wonders in it…
This is when we started talking to Aastha (and would talk hours and hours the night before every paper)… rather she started to eat our lunches 😛
Sunil, Siddhant and everybody had known aastha all along, but had never really talked to her. They too were suprised to see this other side of her.. the side which could recite all the potty poems out loud..and could eat like guys!
Keep it coming.. the party has just begun!

I also remember a fight between team Aastha (and Saurabh) and team Reshbha (and Reshbha) involving lots of finger poking, fork pointing… yelling and crazy temper. While I and swati shared a chilli garlic 😀 watching it like a tennis match.

Till now , I had known AP only as the bespectacled being who is always texting. And Abhishek… well i was not really fond of him. :D. I honestly admit that a guy who never acknowledged your presence , would continue with his headsets on.. making you feel invisible at times.. would come across as strange! I never had really talked to him.. until the day we all went to the book fair. And I came to know..he had practically read every book. From then on.. we started to hang out more..
I remember he would say..
“Tu Amar ko janta hai?? It is like a parallel world..where you dont exist”
and I would say..
“I existed before we knew each”
was it iDCE when we really began to interact more… absolutely yes. We even got aanchal and swati to the very gate of boy’s hostel 😀 that was fun!
Meanwhile I got to know some more people.. Ruchi for instance. Naive and maniacal as she always is.
Sarabh (who would further his friendship with SIddhant on his trip to Germany..)..and Ajay (whom ..what peopl say I would.. “dethrone” 😛 from the iDCE kingdom)

at Jaipur
Then came a great summer at Jaipur… Aastha, Swati, AP, Abhi and I bonded like covalent carbon in a buckminsterial structure. Our frequent escape to Dominoes… those late night (9 pm) strolls in the campus.. where Abhishek almost got killed (:P).. those early morning (6 am) labs… bad mess food and one particular evening when we all sat on grass and talked about Aastha’s honeymoon plans in venice 😛
“You must rush…venice would submerge in 10 years..”
and her shopping plans in Paris..
That evening… is something I am always going to remember 🙂

So medievial history.. to contemporary… in the next post I will be talking about people who have been important in my years in college…
coming up in the next post… our little games in anshu mam’s calsses, the rise and fall of iDCE… and a friend you least expected to be friends with…

Mid Semesters..

What started off as a facebook status update, but my mind lingers on to it. Which are the worst and best mid sem papers I have given in the college.
I just gave my last mid semester examination in DCE..(ok… I will be ploitically correct.. DTU..phh!) and

cant help but be all nerdy and all geeky…
if you dont likey, then dont readeeyyy 😀

This list is not based on marks scored or not scored. I had the lowest score in engineering Maths II, but that doesnt figure here.. why?? because some exams are more traumatic …even if you score decent. The sheer feeling of ignorance and lack of preparation just sucks that happy place out of you. The dreaded 90 minutes..

worst mid sem papers..

5. Physics – first semester
I think I dont know why I recollect it as a terrible experience, but optics in first semester was dreadful.
The horror of newton rings and all those bizzare things that I still dont understand, and would probably fail if asked to take the course now. However, teachers were good and fairly liberal. I scored decently.. wave mechanics saved me seriously..

4.Artificial Intelligence – VIII th semester
I am yet to get my score for this one, but boy after giving this paper, I didnt had the will to smile. It was just so tiring to see yourself try every question and not answering any in a complete manner. It really sucks when what you read is not asked in the paper. An absolute downer. A sort of a blackout amidst the paper, and I didnt had the will to write it. Seriously… disheartening

3.Manufacturing Processes (Ist semester)
Now this paper, I am never going to forget in my entire life. 2 questions, 10 marks each. n number of sub parts in both the questions..and anything and everything was asked in the paper. That silly workshop book by hazra chaudhary… didnt make sense to me at all. Not even the slightest. Tools and cupola furnace.. some terms we didnt undertood..and never will. The whole DCE… (alright.. DTU (alright DCE.. (alright DTU…(…)))) in a tizzy on that chilly morning, when people in RTV trying to overhear each other’s discussions.. just in case someone knew better!

2.Advances in Computer Architecture (VII semester)
Now the subject sounds really good.. I bet. Its not. Its VHDL, that too taught poorly. Now.. I am not placing the blame on teachers for not teching, they hardly ever. I place the blame for not letting us know the exact amount of syllabus. They would just tell you to read all the chapters…and give the most obscure topics mentioned in a corner in some stupid old boxes.
Even if person evaluating the papers is sound, the exam would not be a trauma, but in our case… that person was so hard to reason with. I mean what do you do when you just have to sit and play who-blinks-first with a cow. it was exactly like that.

1. Digital Circuits and Systems (III rd sem)
Daddy of all worst papers ever! Now..not being in praise for myself..but I am good in this subject. I mean, I and Sunil worked our asses off for this one. And I thought we had it in our hands. But just on the D-day, when a 5 variable quin Mclucsky question gets out of your hand, you come to know that you have messed up some columns of your truth table…and you have even messed up more of it while trying to fudge the resutls up in the paper… its really bad.
Even though the paper was never shown to us, I still doubt whether it was ever checked.. I bet marking in an 0/1 manner I would barely get an 8 on 20. Ripped my heart out..

And… thats enough exam talk for now. Would come up with worst subjects overall as well…