Read the signs..

When god doesnt want you to go to the office.. he tells you. Here….. dont fucking get out of your bloody bed.

1. Its freaking raining.
No, I am an honest and earnest and sincere bitch who will go to office no matter what.

Here mofo..take the next blow.
2. Traffic Jam
So what, better late then never. quiet not…but sort of. I will reach the office…sometime today.

Bloddy rascal…you shall walk on the bog before you reach the office.
3.Puddle in front
Aint no mountain..high enough. Aint no valley low enough…. la la la.

Fuck you here…face the hunger now.
4. Reaching late==>breakfast is over. Since there is no sandwiches/juices either.
Alright..alright… I have been foolish, am sure I can remain hungry for a while.

5. Elevators are not working

6. Lab network is down
Oh..son of a..!!!!!


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